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CBD: What does it do?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is commonly used for its ability to provide mood-boosting effects and add health benefits without making the user feel incredibly euphoric, also known as feeling high, due to the lack of THC. Cannabidiol is the second most active chemical found in marijuana. CBD gained popular quickly as it is classified as a medical substance instead of an illegal drug, and also has the ability to help combat diseases or bad habits.

Many studies have reported that Cannabidiol acts as a strong form of painkiller, whereby it stops brain chemicals responsible for administering pain, negative moods, and mental functions from breaking down. Because of this, it has been suggested that the effects of Cannabidiol towards brain chemicals have the capability to lower psychotic symptoms that are heavily associated with mental conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

As current modern living conditions can be quite stressful and hard to manage, cannabidiol has been found to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, it has been noted that this new drug is taken by those who desire to quit their smoking addiction. Currently, in scientific research, cannabidiol is ingested by mouth with a spray. However, the cannabidiol nasal spray was recently introduced and is claimed to be more efficient than CBD oil.

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