Coolest Movies

V for Vendetta

Insurgency! An extremely cool subject for a movie, particularly when the unrest is lead by a cover wearing government try. In light of the realistic novel of a similar name it brings up issues about the job and intensity of government which everybody ought to be stressed over.

The Da Vinci Code

Indeed, the solarmovie did not by any stretch of the imagination do the book equity and the faultfinders steamrolled it, yet regardless I delighted in it and think it has the right to be on the rundown. Poor Tom Hanks, wouldn’t he be able to make only one movie that the pundits like?

A Scanner Darkly

With the cool new innovation that takes real movie and transforms it into an animation this was an ideal movie to give it a shot on. In light of the novel by Philip K. Dick this movie likewise steps through the trenches of government control and quieting the general population. A cool science fiction flick worth looking at.

The Departed

Do I truly need to clarify why this movie is on the rundown? Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon coordinate by Scorsese, the main conceivable result of these three getting together would be coolness. On the off chance that you have not seen this movie yet go out and lease it at this moment.

The Prestige

I saw this before I thought a lot about Christopher Nolan, I had just observed Memento, yet didn’t realize they were by a similar executive. This movie around two contending conjurers will boggle your psyche and the curve toward the end will make your jaw drop. An unquestionable requirement see.

Offspring of Men

Exceptionally cool preface, ladies of the world can never again have babies for reasons unknown. However, there simply happens to be one fortunate woman who does get pregnant, what do you figure something to that effect would be value?