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Important Things You should Know about Newborn Babies

Having a newborn baby is exciting and tiring at the same time. Exciting in a sense that you love every development in him and how he will be in his first experiences. You will love to take care of him and you will be excited to give his first bath, his first meal and so on.

But it is also tiring since even when you are already quite sleepy, you still need to deal with him every time he is awake. Did you make a research about babies while you are still pregnant? If you think you already know everything about newborn babies, check out below and see for yourself:

His head is still soft thus you should be careful in handling him. After all, he spent nine months inside his mother’s womb. His eyes are most of the time shut as well.

You will be working for a boss that does nothing but complain here without any compensations at all. Yes, this is how babies are for 6 weeks from birth. You won’t even see him smile as if he will, that is just gas and not intentional. Well, at least he smiles, right?

The umbilical cord will be with him even when you are already in your home and when it falls off will depend on how you will handle the baby. As much as possible, you should keep it dry as this is the only way it will fall off faster. You can just use a sponge to bath the baby for the time being then.

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