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Top 9 Reasons to Work with a Life Coach for Your Personal Development

  1. You might be good at competing but aren’t so great at playing.
  2. You care far too much about what others believe.
  3. You continue spending money on things that you do not want and it has not brought you any nearer to happiness.
  4. The life you’re living in your mind looks like the life the rest of people are seeing you reside.
  5. You’re bored/in a rut and your efforts to break your routines are short lived.
  6. You’re so tapped out that coping with different people, even people you like, feels like a nuisance. You guess your priorities are awakened.
  7. You feel like you would go mad if you attempted to sit for a moment and observe ants . . . or a pond . . . or children . . . without multitasking.
  8. You have not laughed in a lengthy time.
  9. You are not participated on your lifetime. You are not that fun to be around but you are too busy to determine what should change.

And two bonus motives!

  1. You keep asking for information but what you want is consent.
  2. You would like to feel delightfully invested and happy once you die!

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